BotBuilders Review (Sep 2023): The New Ultimate A.I. System Update, User Concerns, and Hidden $997 BotBuilders Bonus!

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Here's Some of What Will Be Revealed

In This BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System Review:


‚ě° The advantage automated chatbots are providing certain businesses (and how you can leverage them for better results too)

‚ě° The 3 competitive advantages of BotBuilders Ultimate AI System¬†students (and why their main competition is struggling to compete with them)

‚ě° The 3 scariest concerns that could stop people from buying the newest BotBuilders¬†Ultimate A.I. System training¬†(and what you need to know before you do)

This Just In as of September 2023... 

Exciting New BotBuilder Updates!

‚≠źÔłŹ Their biggest update this month is the unveiling of¬†the¬†newest version of¬†their¬†BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System training program!

The team has also begun re-recording and adding brand new content to their flagship BotBuilders' Do-It-Together training program from their new studio, and added training content that covers AI, IG, WhatsApp, and so much more!
‚≠źÔłŹ A Brand New Course: AI Powered Profits

Master the power of Artificial Intelligence with their brand new course! 

In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to stay on the cutting edge of this incredible technology, as well as how to monetize this tech in your own life & business.

The training library inside of our AI course has been DOUBLED from the last update! 

Awesome trainings on everything from AI videos to increasing sales and improving operations. 

They've also created a workbook and a terminology guide, which will be super valuable when taking your AI certification test. 

Speaking of which...

‚≠źÔłŹ¬†AI Certification Course

If you're looking to increase your skills AND your value to the marketplace, make sure to checkout the AI Specialist certification so you can...

Become certified as a BotBuilders A.I Specialist!

Through their new certification program, you'll be challenged to prove your knowledge and experience with artificial intelligence.

When you pass you'll get an awesome certificate and badge, and you can add your designation to your resume and LinkedIn. 

This can be super helpful when getting new clients or a better position at your work.

Before beginning this new course, they ask that you not only educate yourself, but you also apply your knowledge in the following three areas...

  1. Build a chatbot (with any chatbot platform)

  2. Create A.I. content (with any AI content generation tool)

  3. Create A.I. images (with Midjourney or any art tool)


‚≠źÔłŹ¬†And more surprise updates to be revealed shortly as they roll of these updates out!¬†

Over the past few months they've been investing heavily into development, primarily around Artificial Intelligence. 

The good news is as they roll things out it will ALL updated in this BotBuilders Review of the Ultimate AI System for 2023 (and 2024)!

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A Quick Summary of This BotBuilders 2.0 Ultimate AI System Review 
(2023 Update)


‚úÖ State-of-the-Art A.I. Training Program

✅ Cutting Edge A.I. Software Tools

‚úÖ The BotBuilders' Command Center

‚úÖ Result Optimized Universal Templates

✅ Amazing Customer Support

✅ The Build-a-Bot Factory

‚úÖ Elite Virtual Masterminds

✅ Niche Marketing Bot Templates


ūüöę Frequency of Course Updates

ūüöę Additional Cost for Messenger Software

ūüöę Template Access Restrictions


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Have You Discovered How Automated 
Chatbots Can Easily Boost Your Sales This Year?


Did you know that most companies plan to use Facebook messenger bots by 2024?

It's not surprising at all.

Most of our usual channels of communication—email, traditional mail, and phone calls—are overflowing, and we can't get rid of the unwanted ads and other commercial junk.

As a result, most of the time we don’t trust or pay attention to the messages from these communications channels as we used to. This has become a very costly problem for businesses because... 

  • As our inboxes get increasingly saturated with promotional messages, email open & click through rates are continuing to decrease.
  • We throw most direct mail pieces in the trash almost as soon as see them.
  • And many people are annoyed by telemarketers, so if they don’t recognize the number, they won’t pick up the phone.

But Facebook Messenger and text messaging are different. It’s safe, a trusted place.

Why? Well, there are many reasons...

  • Everything is hosted on Facebook's Messenger ecosystem or on their smartphones, where people already feel safe and comfortable.
  • All conversations take place through a Facebook account or text messages, which means we know the people we are communicating with.
  • Because Facebook has set strict rules around how often you can send promotional messages, you aren’ t being inundated with ads in Messenger.

Messaging apps are incredibly useful for companies because they allow them to interact directly with their clients without having to go through an intermediary (like email). They're extremely versatile too; messaging apps can help companies reach out to potential customers, promote products/services, provide customer service, etc.

One thing that makes Facebook Messenger bots so powerful is their speed, intelligence, and flexibility.

Bots can help companies respond to customer inquiries, send out automated messages, and even automate routine processes.

And since bot technology is always "on," customers never have to wait to get their questions answered.

It’s a big deal because according to eDigital Research, 73% of consumers prefer interacting with companies through live chats instead of emailing them!

Which means if you haven't explored the opportunity to add a messenger bot to your sales and marketing efforts, you are leaving serious money on the table!

But it can be really hard to tell which messenger platform and training resources are the best to get results...

That's why I decided to create what I feel is the most detailed BotBuilders review out there for anyone considering their resources (and also who should avoid using them!)

Who Am I To Do This 
BotBuilders Review?

Hey there, I'm Dexx Williams (the person on right in the picture next to my mentor, Tony Robbins).

I'm a best-selling author and profit optimization specialist who helps small businesses to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days.

I've also been creating and selling my own digital products online since 2007 (using many, many different platforms).

As a result, I've learned a lot about what it takes to profitably create, sell, and market digital products and services online.

I've been using the BotBuilders training and resources since 2021 (along with a few others).

As such, I feel I can accurately give a true review of not just what BotBuilders has to offer right now, but also where it still needs to improve moving forward...

Don't Forget The Secret 
BotBuilders Bonus! ($997 value)

I'm going to ensure this review is truly accurate and not some fluff piece like many of the other "BotBuilders review" articles which really just push you to get the program when you actually might not benefit from it.

If after this review you decide you are interested in trying out BotBuilders for yourself, I've created what I feel is the best BotBuilders bonus bundle ($997 value)

My BotBuilders bonuses will make getting great results with your new BotBuilders resources much easier.

More details on the bonus bundle will be revealed later in this review...

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The Difference An Automated
Customer Engagement Solution Makes

It's clear that it doesn't matter what type of business you have or if you're just getting started, if you want more leads and greater sales... you should 100% add an automated chatbot to your efforts.

However, if you're like me (before I met Matt Leitz and the bot builders team) you might feel pretty clueless about bots. I knew I needed one, but I was majorly slacking on using them because I didn't understand how they really worked.

I thought they tried to replace people, but that is not the case at all!

On top of that, I didn't have time to learn how to do it. 

And most of all, I didn't want to add another technology to my business...

But I now realize that this takes ZERO tech skills and a bot actually ties my entire business together even easier than I ever thought possible!

So, if you can relate to how I felt above, then you'll be glad you discovered Bot Builders!

Introducing BotBuilders: The #1 A.I. ChatBot Solution

Who Created BotBuilders?

Matt Leitz is the genius mind behind the conversational marketing strategy BotBuilders leverages with Facebook Messenger.

Matt Leitz is no stranger to successful business strategies. In fact, Matt has created multiple companies that have generated over 1,000,000 leads, and made over $50,000,000 in sales. 

He has such a unique mind for business strategies for any business type that he has made the Inc. Magazine list 3 different times!

Matt and his team has also been working with Grant Cardone to help his Real Estate investing empire generate incredible business growth with the power of automation via bots. 

In fact, Grant Cardone has been ecstatic over the form of Internet Marketing that Chat Marketing via Facebook Messenger has created, and has been raving about the passive income Bot messaging has provided even for larger businesses.

If you'd like to also learn how you can generate a better customer experience via messaging platforms, while also building bots to attract more organic traffic to your offers then the BotBuilders suite of resources is your answer.

What's the Purpose of BotBuilders?

BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System is a series of step by step training courses for use with any chatbot-based platform.

There are also premium templates which provide interactive experiences for the potential client of a business while leveraging natural language processing with each bot message to ensure it's an incredible experience (and not robotic like most chatbot builders create).

Similar to how email marketing was considered a massive game changer in the early 2000s, the idea of messaging bots being leveraged by Chatbot builders to design "money conversations" for the likes of Grant Cardone, Molly Pittman, and other big name marketers is huge!

Basically, the BotBuilders  Ultimate A.I. System eliminates the time consuming manual labor, and the complicated process of getting up and running with chatbots on messenger platforms!

Who Should Use BotBuilders 2.0?

There are really three groups who will benefit the most from the BotBuilders resources...

Kajabi Business Owners

Digital Marketers

Any categories of people who are connected with a digital marketing agency, social media marketing agency, affiliate marketing business, or any another digital marketing efforts that rely on smart marketing to boost click-through rates will greatly benefit from the gravy train of messaging software.

Kajabi Review


Surprisingly, companies that rely on digital marketing essentials such as email marketing platforms, SMS marketing platforms, Facebook ads, or or any other form of social platform for the digital marketing efforts of their conversation marketing strategy will benefit from the blue ocean of passive income money through bots.

Kajabi Coaches

Business Owners

Regardless of the type of business someone has, if they need to communicate with potential customers, then they can benefit from learning how to leverage the power of conversation marketing to convert more leads into sales while also eliminating unwanted conversations through automation.

The Following Are Just Some of
The Unique Advantages BotBuilders Offers...

Advantage #1: The Command Center


The Command Center is the ultimate resource hub online for all things related to messenger marketing AND business growth.

Matt and his team have built a hub that not only walks students from A-to-Z in getting started with chatbots, but also provides them with additional resources to surge confidence using them.

Advantage #2: Premium Templates


BotBuilders will save you SERIOUS time when it comes to getting up and running with chatbots.

I'm not talking about the basic "templates" you see with many other courses that just provide 5-7 steps and some funny gifs... 

I'm talking UNIVERSAL templates that you can install quickly for almost any business in any niche.

For example they have pre-created templates for appointment requests, birthday reminders, lead generation, spin-to-win contests, assessment quizzes, knowledge quizzes, personality quizzes and more!

All of which can be leveraged to generate more leads, more sales, and happier customers that are more engaged for any business.

Advantage #3: Customer Support


I am very particular to the customer support provided by any business, but especially a business providing what I consider a premium product.

I must say, I have been absolutely impressed with not only the speed of response to simple test questions I sent to support but also the detailed answer they provided to ensure my question was answered.

Not just that, but inside the various training lessons there is a comment section for members to post questions they may have after watching a training video and support is quick to answer questions from member's inside that area as well (even on strategy lessons that are a few years old!).

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The following are just some BotBuilders features
that their members absolutely love...

The Build-a-Bot Factory:

What's a chatbot without a cool visual identity to go with it?

The BotBuilders Do-It-Together program also includes a build-a-bot factory where you can create pictures for a visual representation of your unique bot.

You can then upload these bot images into your messenger responses whenever you want to showcase your bot's "personality" (which BotBuilders creates pre-made for you to customize to your desire!)

Elite Virtual Masterminds:

This is where even more live training strategy sessions can be accessed with Matt and the team.

They do regular webinars to answer live questions from members and cover topics from Advanced Bot Funnels and Local Business marketing strategies to leveraging bots for eCommerce sales techniques etc.

Niche Bot Templates:

On top of the vast amount. of universal plug-and-play templates that bot builders has created, they have also created a variety of niche templates for those who need them.

These templates are just as impressive and further expanded to meet the unique needs of the niches they are created for.

Not only is this a massive time saver BUT it also opens up the opportunity to RESELL these templates to businesses in these niches (and make back your investment in BotBuilders in the process!)

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Which BotBuilders Alternatives
Are True BotBuilders Competitors?


A common question about potential BotBuilders competition is whether they can really be considered alternatives to the BotBuilders program.

I think the only other notable premium chatbot training and template offer that exists would be Chatmatic.

So how does Botbuilders vs Chatmatic compare?

As a paid member of both programs, I'd say BotBuilders is a Mercedes Benz and Chatmatic is a Honda Civic.

Both will get you the basic results you need, but BotBuilders has much better templates, many more templates AND Chatmatic seems to constantly be promoting a new course or template bundle...

BotBuilders takes a better approach (in my opinion).

You essentially pay one time for access and get constant free access to new templates and training in the future (at least with the do-it-together program).

EDIT: As of September 2023, Chatmatic has announced they are SHUTTING DOWN the platform.

BotBuilders will now be the premier training provider for building chatbots while leveraging Artificial Intelligence solutions like ChatGPT and more!

Now for another key area of this BotBuilders review...

What About BotBuilders Pricing?

Many people who ask "how much is BotBuilders 2.0?", "how much is the new BotBuilders Ultimate AI System per month?", "how much is the A.I. BotBuilders per year?", "how much does BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System cost?" etc

Even a handful will look at the below BotBuilders pricing plans and immediately ask "why is BotBuilders 2.0 so expensive in 2023?"...

But when you look at everything includes, it really isn't! 

Especially when even the new BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System bundle provides so much value!

I'm truly impressed with the new BotBuilder A.I. System bundle, because I want everyone to have access to all of the training as well as the premium templates etc.

Fortunately, for a limited time, when you use my special partner link below you can get $2500 knocked off that regular $4,997 price!

BotBuilders Lifetime Deal or BotBuilders Discount?

Fortunately, at the time of this BotBuilders review, there is a BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System lifetime price with the current promotional pricing...

And if you're looking for a BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System discount you wont need to use a BotBuilders discount code... 

Just use my BotBuilders 2.0 review partner link below to access the best special offer right now...

YES! Show Me the BotBuilders Special Offer

Is BotBuilders Perfect? No...

Here Are My Top 3 Concerns
With the BotBuilders Resources:

Concern #1: Frequent ManyChat Updates


This isn't a fault of BotBuilders, but I did notice while going through the training that many of the videos had instructions that didn't match the current ManyChat dashboard because of updates MC did.

You could see comments below the videos with people saying they didn't know "where to find XYZ button because it's been moved" etc.

Fortunately the support team was quick to respond and provide updated instructions with each person, but I can see some people getting annoyed by this.

Concern #2: Additional Cost for ManyChat


Because BotBuilders is just a training program with templates, you will still require an actual platform use the training with.

The templates created by BotBuilders have been designed to be used only on ManyChat.

ManyChat is the #1 chatbot platform in the world, and is very easy to use, but I did notice a few people were confused/surprised that they needed to pay a few bucks a month for the software to use with BotBuilders.

Concern #3: Templates Require BotBuilders License


Because of the way ManyChat is designed, it's very easy for someone to simply copy a chatbot template and paste it to another account.

As you can imagine, this would pose a problem for BotBuilders as they have spent thousands of hours designing their premium templates for their members.

As a result, BotBuilders created what they call "BotBuilders core" which is the framework / foundation that all of their other templates plug into.

It's very simple to use and connect with BUT this also means in order for you to install your templates on multiple Facebook or Instagram accounts you need to first get "install credits" from the support team.

This isn't a big deal, but it could be a minor inconvenience to some people. 

HOWEVER this also stops people from just sharing the BotBuilders templates online and stealing their hard work... so I think that's fair.

That being said, all of these concerns are fairly minor, and really aren't deal breakers as it relates to getting results quickly with BotBuilders...

"So, Is the BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System Worth It?"


As I said previously, anyone who has a small business, or is relying on smart marketing strategies for their digital marketing agency, social media marketing agency, affiliate marketing business, etc can benefit from chatbots.

But, BotBuilders is really only worth the investment (even with the special discount link below) IF you are willing to use the ManyChat platform to generate more leads and sales for your business.

It's also only beneficial if you plan to actually implement conversational marketing into your business (which I truly recommend), but if you don't actively drive people into your messenger flows... you really won't see a benefit even from the great training provided by BotBulders.

So, with that said, IF you are happy using the ManyChat platform to run your messenger campaigns and IF you plan to truly use the technology to grow your sales then...

YES! The BotBuilder Ultimate A.I. System is a MASSIVE time and money saver compared to spending weeks (if not months) building out your own templates from scratch and spending probably even more time and money on courses to learn how to do it!

Add in the hidden promotional discount for Bot Builders Ultimate AI System through my partner link below... and it's a no brainer! :-)

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My Hidden BotBuilders Review Bonus

If the features and potential of BotBuilders sounds amazing to you, then you're really going to love the value-packed hidden bonus that I teased earlier!


I've bundled some of my premium training programs that previously only my $1,000/mo business consulting clients had access to!

These are programs designed to help you generate exponential sales growth for your online business after you get started with the BotBuilders Ultimate A.I. System.

Two advanced programs in the bundle truly standout (with additional ones being added shortly):

Program #1: The Secret to Finding Profitable Niches 

Many new (and even long-time) users of BotBuilders struggle to see success online because they skip the most critical step: finding a profitable niche that's has people already excited to buy from them!

In this training course you will discover my proven strategy for not just finding profitable niches (BEFORE creating a product) but also how to do competitive research to make sure you hit the ground running quickly and easily.

Program #2: The Profit System Masterclass

This is my flagship course designed to help small business owners quickly increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days.

In this program you'll discover my 5-part process for creating a profitable system to generate leads, convert those leads into customers, and generate additional repeat sales from those same excited customers!

This means that regardless of your existing sales and marketing knowledge, you will have a serious competitive advantage over anyone else in a niche you decide to enter.

If you would love to save $997 and get these advanced marketing courses (and more) as a FREE bonus, here's what you need to do next:

  1. Click HERE or Click the Yellow Button below
  2. Register for one of the current special event training sessions
  3. Purchase your desired BotBuilders package (and enjoy the special promotional offer)
  4. Email your BotBuilders receipt to DexxBonus[at]

After you complete Step #4, I'll setup your access to my BotBuilders bonus bundle programs ASAP.

In the meantime, enjoy your discounted BotBuilders deal, and be sure to visit the BotBuilders members group once you're logged in!

Thank you for checking out my BotBuilders review :-)

Cheers to your success,

- Dexx

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BotBuilders Review FAQs

DISCLAIMER: I am not an employee, agent or representative of BotBuilders. BotBuilders does not in any way endorse my products or services. This includes the use of the domain, I am an independent BotBuilders Partner and I receive referral payments from BotBuilders in this role. All opinions expressed herein are my own and are not official statements of BotBuilders or any party affiliated with BotBuilders.