ClickDesigns Review 2022: New Updates, User Concerns, and Hidden $997 Bonus!

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Here's Some of What Will Be Revealed

In This ClickDesigns Review:


➡ The silent killer of sales that many people don't realize (and how to leverage it)

➡ Why ClickDesigns was created and who should (and shouldn't) use it

➡ 3 unique advantages that clickDesigns offers vs competing tools

➡ The 2 concerns about the platform everyone should know

➡ Whether or not ClickDesigns is worth it (and why)

A Quick Summary of This ClickDesigns Review 
(2022 Update)


✅ The most simple but surprisingly powerful platform for creating custom graphics

✅ A wide variety of high-quality product mockups and gorgeous designs

✅ An Agency Feature to easily manage team members and  client projects


🚫 Not a One-Time Payment

🚫 The Optional Upgrades


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Are Graphic Designs Silently Killing Your Sales?

Every business online and offline has this problem:

They need graphics to improve the results from their sales and marketing efforts!

We all know that if there is too much text on a website people get bored they want to see some text and then a visual to go with it.

In fact, you're probably in one of these situations...

Business Owner

Someone with a great product they would like to launch (or boost the sales for) but struggling with getting high quality graphics for your sales pages or website.


Someone who needs a steady supply of graphics to stand out from the crowd and sell your products and/or service to visitors.

Video Creator

Someone who creates and sells videos, and you need sexy designs, graphics, and illustrations for the content in your videos.

Book Author

Someone who needs a best seller style of cover that screams ‘Look INSIDE’ and beats the competition for audience attention.

Course Creator

Someone who wants to add visual elements such as digital mockups, cheat sheets & magazines, to your courses, case studies, and PowerPoint presentations.

Website Owner

Someone who wants graphics for your website, email newsletter, ebook, course, or podcast, but the pain of getting them created keeps melting your mind.

It's clear that everyone needs stunning designs for their sales and marketing needs, but until recently it has always taken a ton of time and money to either do it yourself or pay others to do it for you...

And if you need a LOT of stunning graphics created... it could take weeks or months to deliver.

This is absolutely devastating to a business.


Because during this waiting period, you're losing so much money without even knowing it.

Every second of delay costs you money.

It’s why an alarming 98% of people who want to start their own online business give up when their marketing efforts just can't generate enough sales.

And this is what ClickDesigns was created to help you with...

Who Am I To Do This 
ClickDesigns Review?

Hey there, I'm Dexx Williams (the person on right in the picture next to my mentor, Tony Robbins).

I'm a best-selling author and profit optimization specialist who helps small businesses to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days.

I've also been creating and selling my own digital products online since 2007 (using many, many different platforms).

As a result, I've learned a lot about what it takes to profitably create, sell, and market digital products and services online.

I've been creating and outsourcing my own sales and marketing graphic designs for products and resources since 2012.

As such, I feel I can accurately give a true ClickDesigns review of not just what ClickDesigns has to offer right now, but also where it still needs to improve moving forward...

Don't Forget The Secret 
ClickDesigns Bonus! ($997 value)

I'm going to ensure this review is truly accurate and not some fluff piece like many of the other "ClickDesigns review" articles which really just push you to get the program when you actually might not benefit from it.

If after this ClickDesigns review you decide you are interested in trying out ClickDesigns for yourself, I've created what I feel is the best ClickDesigns bonus bundle ($997 value)

My ClickDesigns bonuses will make getting great results with your new ClickDesigns resources much easier.

More details on the bonus bundle will be revealed later in this ClickDesigns review...

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Would YOU Risk Your Business By NOT Having Great Graphics?

Would you buy from a website without graphics?

No? Well, the truth is, 94% of people will NEVER buy from you if you don’t have graphics or if they are fugly.

In fact, it's why the design industry is worth a whopping $45.8 billion dollars because EVERYONE will pay over-the-odds for graphics that will sell their products and services like crazy.

No matter what business you are in, you need irresistible graphics that will STOP, hold, and keep customers glued to your site until they buy!

Introducing ClickDesigns: 
Amazing Graphics with Just a Few Mouse Clicks


Who Created ClickDesigns?


ClickDesigns was created by Mo Latif, a very well known and successful online business builder.

After struggling with constantly building out HTML websites for his own business needs, his world changed when he discovered the simplicity and speed of page builders.

However, he soon learned that every blog, website, marketing funnel, and site builder was still incomplete (or at least not complete enough).

Mo noticed that while they provided a framework for building out websites, you still needed a designer, c­oder and webmaster in order to create a finished product that consistently converts new visitors into buyers.

The fact is, Mo realized that someone needs to design and customize code for a site for at least four weeks before they can really launch your business product or service.

After spending years (and tens of thousands of dollars) launching various sales funnels, Mo decided he needed a better solution.

Mo spent $100,000 to create the tool for his own product sales and marketing efforts so he wouldn't have to spend even more money on hiring designs for all of his graphic needs.


Shockingly (or maybe not), after showing his new sales and marketing graphics designing software to a small group of friends, demand took off with everyone demanding to be able to get access!

Many claimed it was the perfect design tool and couldn't believe such professional designs for any content marketing plan could be created so quickly.

Designs by award, illustrations graphic, pattern, colour & image selection, social media advertising templates etc would finally  give them the tools they needed for their ultimate goal (SPOILER ALERT) more sales and leads!

Mo decided to call his new software ClickDesigns and the rest is history.

So with that said... 

What is the Purpose of ClickDesigns?

In a nutshell... ClickDesigns creates awesome graphics for blogs, websites and sales funnels.

Is has a custom template designer that includes digital device mockup design templates. This means you can create logos for websites, boxes for products, mockups for apps, covers for books, reports, illustrations for magazines, graphics for brochures, social media, and much more.

You can use these images for your websites, videos, social media posts, emails, and banners — pretty much anything that’s visually appealing without having to hire freelancers, designers, developers, and webmasters.

In fact, the graphics, mockups, and page layouts produced by ClickDesigns works with ClickFunnels, Groove, Convertri, Instapages, Kartra, Leadpages, Kajabi, OptimizePress, Elementor, Themify … and many more.

Basically, ClickDesigns serves a huge hungry crowd of newbies, video creators, startups and non-designers who don't want to learn design but still want amazing graphics that look like they were made by award-winning designers without hiring expensive designers.

And to make things even easier, it comes with unlimited storage to along with the fact it is an UNLIMITED designer!

How Click Designs Works

Using the eye-catching graphics, cheat sheets & magazines with elegant templates, 2D & 3D Book Cover design templates with impressive graphics and letter spacing, and really any type of graphics without needing creative skills can be done with ClickDesigns.



ClickDesigns is a design tool for anyone who wants to either look like a professional designer to their clients and customers (and impress them), or who simply desires to create as many graphics as they want within a few minutes!

It definitely appeals to anyone who wants to be able to use graphics INSTANTLY (no more waiting for back and forth revisions with designers).

For example individuals who do video marketing may need to create dozens of different graphics both inside of their videos and for the video marketing efforts that follow via social media posts etc.

Then of course there's the design skills that are no longer needed to create 2D & 3D Book Cover Design Templates that have amazing page designs, bankable, game-changing designs, or just heart-stopping designs to attract attention.

So someone who doesn't need graphics, illustrations, or digital covers probably wouldn't benefit from a graphic software like Click Designs.

Who Should Use ClickDesigns?

As I've mentioned already, ClickDesigns was created to be the perfect design tool for anyone who needs professional designs for whatever content marketing plan they need to implement.

The individuals who would benefit the most from the ClickDesigns software would be:

Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Video Creators, Social Media Marketers, Online Course Creators, Authors & Publishers, Software Creators, Entrepreneurs, and eCommerce Owners.

The Following Are Just Some of
The Unique Advantages ClickDesigns Offers...

Advantage #1:

Easy-to-Use All-in-ONE Design Platform


It can't be overstated how powerful the fact that ClickDesigns is designed to be so simple that no creative, design or technical skills needed to use the premium editor it's built around.

This means you'll never pay for a designer or freelancer ever again while creating UNLIMITED Projects.

You can easily create a product bundle with a pre-designed template or use the illustrative scenes mockup creator and custom background designer to generate images as if you had access to expert tips.

Advantage #2: Wide Variety of Mockups and Gorgeous Designs

Unlike a lot of the other programs that claim they produce digital device mockups that can rival the amazing designs of graphic designers... ClickDesigns truly is  extremely customizable.

The other programs really don't allow you to create bundles of products to your exact needs and positioning.

I'm talking about the positioning of worksheets, checklists & cheat sheets design to create beautiful, eye-popping designs that have the level design sophistication you desire.

Thanks to ClickDesigns Unlimited you can benefit from any design trends to ensure you have extraordinary designs with all of your creative designs.

You'll never again have to pay rip-off rates to freelancers or wait past your deadlines for your videos to finish.

And because of the variety and flexibility of the software, you'll finally stop losing sales because your marketing materials weren't ready by a designer you hired!

Advantage #3:

Agency Feature


The ClickDesigns agency feature allows you to leverage your commercial license to build a real agency.

The ClickDesigns agency suite of tools includes agency-wide design collaboration, a control center for virtual team accounts, a watermark design-protection engine, 1-click bulk high-resolution downloads, unlimited real-world scene mockups, theme creator, theme designer, theme page designer, and white label share url.

Essentially you can run a DesignPages business with the appearance of a million-dollar price tag but at a fraction of the investment.

To ensure you have no issues, you receive VIP Client Technical Support, VIP Technical & Support, and VIP Client Support by the ClickDesigns team.

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The following are just some ClickDesigns features
that their members absolutely love...

Which ClickDesigns Alternatives
Are True Click Design Competitors?


A common question about potential ClickDesigns competition is whether they can really be considered ClickDesigns alternatives.

With more than 28 Industry-Specific Templates, you ClickDesigns provides an all-inclusive page builder and graphics design tool for social posts that ensures you keep branding intact.

Just take a look at the below table to see how it compares to the competition:

"But it's the same all the other graphic creation tools..."


One common myth when it comes with ClickDesigns is that it's "just another software tool" that's no different from all the others like Pyks, Canva, Crello, etc.

However, a quick glance at the image page designs (UNLIMITED page designs), video marketing graphics to produce effective video marketing visuals, and of course the baby-friendly controls that turn you into a design powerhouse proves that such a belief is very, very wrong.

From the custom branding, and world-class magazines templates, to the point-and-click, drag-and-drop design software itself... the entire process is a seamless design experience for any type of design need.

Something that can't be said for the majority of all-in-one design tools.

Just Take a Look at Some of These Other
ClickDesigns Customer Reviews and Case Studies

What About ClickDesigns Pricing?

Many people who ask "how much is ClickDesigns", "how much is ClickDesigns per month", "how much is ClickDesigns per year", "how much does ClickDesigns cost" etc

Even a handful will look at the below ClickDesigns pricing plans and immediately ask "why is ClickDesigns so expensive"...

But when you look at everything includes, it really isn't! 

Especially when even ClickDesigns provides so much value.

Optional ClickDesigns OTOs

During the checkout process for ClickDesigns you will be given the option to add additional packages of features on to your account IF you want them (not everyone truly needs them)

ClickDesigns Unlimited

Get 2,000+ more design templates, expert canvas editor, automated logo maker machine, custom template designer and 1-click design cloner including storage for unlimited projects, designs and downloads.

ClickDesigns Professional

Get real-world, photo-realistic mockups, offline banner mockups, hand-held device mockups, world-class magazines PLUS designer worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets including Custom Digital Device Builder and Product Group Shots Pro in different styles, shots, and angles.

Design Pages

With Design Pages, you get the full website, funnel and blog theme creator, custom background designer, 1000s of pattern, color and image design pages, page theme designer, annotation design templates, illustration design templates, vector and illustrations graphic designer and illustrative scenes mockup creator.

ClickDesigns Agency

With ClickDesigns Agency, you get multi-team global members access, custom branding, agency account control center, global design collaboration, client work & project management, 1-click bulk downloads in high-resolution, watermark engine, stealth sharing, client cloud storage & sharing, unlimited hosting and storage including ClickDrive for Agency, the all-in-one custom product bundle creator and FREE design templates loaded into your account for an ENTIRE year.

ClickDesigns Lifetime Deal
or ClickDesigns Discount?

Unfortunately, at the time of this ClickDesigns review, there is no longer a ClickDesigns lifetime price with the current promotional pricing...

But if you're looking for a ClickDesigns discount you wont need to use a ClickDesigns discount code... 

Just use my ClickDesigns review partner link below to access the best special offer right now...

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Limited Time ClickDesigns Bonuses

For a limited time, when you buy ClickDesigns through the buttons on this page you'll also get the following bonuses created by ClickDesigns...

Bonus #1

Product Launch Mastery

Once you have your graphics ready with ClickDesigns, you will want to launch your product the RIGHT way. If you have failed in the past, it’s probably because you took the most difficult route.

Now you can effortlessly launch your product with amazing graphics with ClickDesigns as fast as possible that will attract, engage and convert YOUR audience into paying customers. To make this happen, follow exactly the process inside Product Launch Mastery to do it right, the first time around.

You will learn the precise steps required to launch your own product successfully without the roadblocks, obstacles and hurdles you are encountering right now.

Bonus #2

Profit List Master

Building a list is something you’ve probably heard is important, right? Everyone says, “The money is in the list.”

That's very true! Sure there are many ways to get traffic - Paid Traffic, Social Media, SEO and Video Marketing just to name a few. But it all starts with building your email subscriber base first.

Here are the expert tips you need. SPOILER ALERT: You need to catch your prospects' attention with stunning graphics that you can get from ClickDesigns.

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Bonus #3

The Email Marketing Expert

E-mail marketing is without a doubt the most powerful and efficient form of online promotion available. Nothing comes close to its power, especially when you consider that it's even more cost-effective than search engine optimization (SEO) or social media advertising.

Discover the most efficient and easiest ways to harness the power of email marketing here on Email Marketing Expertise.

Here's a start: include impressive graphics on your emails. Getting eye-catching graphics is easy with ClickDesigns. No need to sweat it out.

Bonus #4

Content Marketing Formula

In this expert guide, discover what content marketing is and why it's so important for your business.

Learn how to use it to totally revolutionize your success.

You'll get a completely customized content marketing plan that you can apply to your own company and grow a large following of fans.

Bonus #5

Lead Magnet Collection

Are you stuck thinking of what lead magnets to use?

This ultimate collection of lead magnet ideas will un-stuck you! Now, you don't have to worry about how you will ethically bribe your prospects into giving you their contact information.

Even better, you can create your lead magnets inside ClickDesigns!

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Bonus #6

Social Media Mastery

Be the social media expert in the shortest time possible!

This is for you if you've wanted to learn how to get the most out of social media marketing, increase your traffic and profits, and make even more money. Remember this, if your business is not on social media, YOU LOSE!

The secret sauce that makes social posts are graphics and designs that easily catch your followers' attention. You can quickly design them using ClickDesigns. Start from scratch or use the templates available. Easy peasy.

Bonus #7

Traffic Blueprint

E-mail marketing is without a doubt the most powerful and efficient form of online promotion available. Nothing comes close to its power, especially when you consider that it's even more cost-effective than search engine optimization (SEO) or social media advertising.

Discover the most efficient and easiest ways to harness the power of email marketing here on Email Marketing Expertise.

Here's a start: include impressive graphics on your emails. Getting eye-catching graphics is easy with ClickDesigns. No need to sweat it out.

Bonus #8

Video Marketing Beast

Video Marketing is the most cost-effective way to market today.

However, there are so many videos out now that they're not as impactful as before. So what can you do? First, create stunning graphics that you can use for your videos. ClickDesigns will help you out in this.

This guide will give you more expert tips on increasing your conversion rates and outshining your competition.

Bonus #9

Video Marketing Playbook

The ultimate goal of effective video marketing is to convert your audience. The video must entice consumers to pull out their credit cards and purchase your offer.

The problem now is that there’s so much video out there that most of them simply don’t have an impact. They don’t get people to convert to buyers anymore.

This guide gives you expert tips and tricks to put the magic back into your video marketing. The first step is to use fire-breathing designs you can get only from ClickDesigns.

Yes! I Want These Bonuses!

Bonus #10

WP Max Profits

WP Max Profits is a premium responsive theme built for usability and customization for your blog, portfolio or business.

It gives you the perfect level of control over how you present your content. Smartly powered by HTML5, WP Profits gives you stunning video backgrounds to enhance your theme design with motion and color.

Enhance your site with WP Max Profits now.

Bonus #11


Make your WordPress website more SEO-friendly.

If you want to rank for specific keywords in Google or another search engine, then you should pay attention to on-page SEO.

How? Thru WP SEO Pro.

Bonus #12

LeadGen Plugin

This plugin will help you to easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder and have leads added to the mailing list.

This WP software allows anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts up a notch, to build a profitable business in no time!

Bonus #13

Shopify Mastery

Selling online is a very lucrative business but the mountains of tasks can be overwhelming.

This makes selling with Shopify as easy as 1-2-3 for you so you can ensure your success without trial and error and without breaking the bank.

Bonus #14

eCommerce 101

Discover the easiest way to create a Shopify store that buyers will love to buy from!

This guide covers setting up your Shopify account, designing and customizing your shop, and stocking your shop with in-demand products.

Yes! I Want These Bonuses!

Is ClickDesigns Perfect? No...

Here Are My Top 2 Concerns
With the ClickDesigns Software:

Concern #1:

It's Not a One-Time Payment

One user concern that has come up is the fact that unlike Pyks, the one-time payment option is no longer around for ClickDesigns.

While a small monthly fee might appear to be a negative vs a one-time price, the reality is that software like Pyks is sold mostly on the initial marketing hype, but users quickly discover that very few updates and templates (if any) are added to the platform.

ClickDesigns on the other hand has new templates added monthly. This includes new photo-realistic mockups and customizable templates.

That kind of ongoing development and content creation comes with a cost but the benefits are priceless when thousands of new templates are added each year to help users generate more leads, sales, and attraction for their own efforts.

Concern #2:

The Optional Upgrades

Another concern is about the ClickDesigns OTO offers. An OTO is a one-time offer that is sometimes made with digital products and services (or even local businesses who offer warranties, insurance etc).

In this case the ClickDesigns OTO offers add additional resources for those who are willing to invest in the ClickDesigns OTO offered.

 For example one of the OTOs comes with additional graphic design templates. Keep in mind the initial offer has plenty of phenomenal designs (truly fire-breathing designs), but sometimes people want that additional batch of a couple thousand more images to choose from... still very much optional.

Then there is other "nice to have" type upgrades like a 1-click design cloner, watermark engine (for sharing designs with potential agency clients), an agency account control center to organize all the various ClickDesigns cutting-edge and versatile editor digital products that have been made etc.

Just like if someone buys a vehicle they have an option to get different upgrades, the same is true with the front-end price for ClickDesigns.

So while some view this as a concern, I think it's more of ClickDesigns trying to make getting access to the core features of the platform as affordable as possible, while giving the option for others to get access to additional features IF they want them.

That being said, all of these concerns are fairly minor, and really aren't deal breakers as it relates to getting results quickly with ClickDesigns.

ClickDesigns will help anyone who is looking to boost their traffic through search engines by ensuring visitors stay on websites longer (all text = boring). Google wants to see people are interested in the content they find as this is a key factor of search engine optimization.

The ability to do bulk downloads (e.g. for a Boxshot Design) and leverage the theme background maker provides true income potential when it comes to creating a magazine cover for affiliate products or doing any sort of product launch.

The automated logo maker engine that is included in the unlimited designer is simple and does not require any technical skills or Expert Tips.

"So, Is ClickDesigns Worth It?"


Alright, we've come to the end of this click designs review. So let me answer the biggest question that anyone has when it comes to using ClickDesigns vs Pyks (or any other software) for their online business...

Is ClickDesigns worth it?

I feel that any online marketer who needs graphics ready within seconds for their blog posts, Social Media Marketing, product launches, or small business needs etc. will greatly benefit from ClickDesigns.

In fact, all the images on this page were created using ClickDesigns!

For those interested, there is a ClickDesigns OTO that provides the ability to access custom agency branding agency but this might only be available for a limited time.

So yes, if you want incredible graphics on demand in the shortest time possible then ClickDesigns IS worth the small investment for the value it provides-- 100%!

And I should also mention that ClickDesigns also provides huge bonuses as well for any new members to their platform. This includes their Content Marketing Formula, Video Marketing Playbook, and Social Media training programs!

Not to mention the special promotion for ClickDesigns through my partner link below... and it's a no brainer! :-)

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My Hidden ClickDesigns Review Bonus

If the features and potential of ClickDesigns sounds amazing to you, then you're really going to love the value-packed hidden bonus that I teased earlier!


I've bundled some of my premium training programs that previously only my $1,000/mo business consulting clients had access to!

These are programs designed to help you generate exponential sales growth for your online business after you get started with ClickDesigns.

Two advanced programs in the bundle truly standout (with additional ones being added shortly):

Program #1: The Secret to Finding Profitable Niches 

Many new (and even long-time) users of ClickDesigns struggle to see success online because they skip the most critical step: finding a profitable niche that's has people already excited to buy from them!

In this training course you will discover my proven strategy for not just finding profitable niches (BEFORE creating a product) but also how to do competitive research to make sure you hit the ground running quickly and easily.

Program #2: The Profit System Masterclass

This is my flagship course designed to help small business owners quickly increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days.

In this program you'll discover my 5-part process for creating a profitable system to generate leads, convert those leads into customers, and generate additional repeat sales from those same excited customers!

This means that regardless of your existing sales and marketing knowledge, you will have a serious competitive advantage over anyone else in a niche you decide to enter.

If you would love to save $997 and get these advanced marketing courses (and more) as a FREE bonus, here's what you need to do next:

  1. Click HERE or Click the Yellow Button below
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  3. Email your ClickDesigns receipt to DexxBonus[at]

After you complete Step #3, I'll setup your access to my ClickDesigns bonus bundle programs ASAP.

In the meantime, enjoy your special ClickDesigns deal through the link below, and be sure to visit the ClickDesigns members group once you're logged in!

Thank you for checking out my ClickDesigns review :-)

Cheers to your success,

- Dexx

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