New 2022 Kajabi Review: The Latest Updates, User Concerns, and Hidden $997 Bonus!

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Here's Some of What Will Be Revealed

In This Kajabi Review:


➡ The trillion dollar opportunity with online businesses and the hidden costs to watch out for before starting (especially with greedy all-in-one platforms making bold promises)

➡ The truth about Kajabi pricing plans and how to avoid getting caught up by the hype (spoiler alert: ignore the "fake gurus" and their complicated courses to save a lot of money)

➡ 3 concerns about Kajabi to be aware of before creating an account (and who should not use least right now)

A Quick Summary of This Kajabi Review 
(2022 Update)


✅ Kajabi University

✅ Extremely User Friendly

✅ Viral Podcast Distribution

✅ Premium Coaching Solution

✅ Enhanced Email Marketing

✅ Dedicated Mobile Application

✅ 24/7 Customer Support


🚫 Community feature is very basic

🚫 Affiliate management feature (especially for payouts) is limited compared to other options

🚫 Checkout feature has limited flexibility and features

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 Did You Know You Could Generate a Significant Passive Income Teaching Others What You Know Right Now?

It sounds crazy, I know...

But think about it: right now, there is a group of people who are looking to solve a problem, overcome a frustration, or achieve a desired result that YOU already know how to do...

And some of those people would be willing to pay you to show them how they could do it!

That's right, the e-learning economy (also known as the knowledge economy) is already more than a $250 BILLION dollar industry and is predicted to grow to a $1 TRILLION dollar industry by 2027!

The problem is that not everyone has the computer skills or time to build a website, create password protected customer areas, connect email marketing services, video hosting etc. to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

As a result, people with great information that could help the groups who need it, are prevented from generating extra money with digital products and services...

And that's exactly where all-in-one platforms like Kajabi help!

Who Am I To Do This Kajabi Review?

Hey there, I'm Dexx Williams (the person on right in the picture next to my mentor, Tony Robbins).

I'm a best-selling author and profit optimization specialist who helps small businesses to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days.

I've also been creating and selling my own digital products online since 2007 (using many, many different platforms).

As a result, I've learned a lot about what it takes to profitably create, sell, and market digital products and services online.

I'm a founding member of Kajabi, and have been using the platform since 2010 (along with a few others).

As such, I feel I can accurately give a true review of not just what features Kajabi has now, but also where it still needs to improve moving forward.

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I'm going to ensure this review is truly accurate and not some fluff piece like many of the other "Kajabi reviews" which really just push you to get an expensive plan you don't need.

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The Difference All-In-One Solutions
Make for Building an Online Business


If you've been exploring the idea of generating extra income by selling your products and services online, you probably already noticed how many different tools and resources are needed to market your solutions, collect payment, and then deliver to customers.

For years (and still a few to this day) people running information-based businesses relied on patching together basic websites with video and file hosting servers to accomplish this...

However they quickly found out that even with "free solutions" like Wordpress their sites were often breaking due to bad software updates, 3rd party plugins that had security holes that left their sites being hacked and/or stolen, and of course the server cost of hosting files and streaming videos.

But all of that changed when Kajabi was released...

Introducing Kajabi: The First All-in-One Solution

Why Was Kajabi Created?

Kajabi was launched to the public in October 2010, with the goal of making being an all-in-one platform that is simple and easy for anyone to create, market, and sell digital products and online courses.

The idea for Kajabi (the name of which is an aboriginal word that means ‘to take flight') came after the co-founders Kenny Reuter (left side in the photo) and Travis Rosser (right side in the photo) had an idea to sell videos online for building a sprinkler toy they had created for kids.

Even though the two men had a background in software development, they quickly discovered how challenging it was to build a website, sell the products, and deliver access via clunky Wordpress plugins and integrations that kept breaking and not communicating properly with each other.

This lead Kenny and Travis to decide to build out their own solution to make selling digital products or building an online course business much faster and intuitive for anyone who wanted to do so (and inspired the creation of future competing online course platforms like LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Kartra, etc).

What's the Purpose of Kajabi?

Kajabi's vision is "a world where technology is no longer a barrier to an entrepreneur’s success."

The purpose of the business platform is to be a powerful tool that still make it easy to turn any idea you have already into something that is quick and simple to sell online using an all-in-one platform that has everything you need to build a true online course business. 

This includes the simple setup of an online business that has custom domains, Google Analytics, and more.

I think it's safe to say they have achieved their goal as the company has expanded to over 300 team members, and now serves over 50,000 users in 120 countries who have provided online training to more than 60 million students.

Do you want even more proof of their platform's capability?

Kajabi users have generated more than $2.5 billion in sales as a result of using the business platform (with new features being added constantly to make that even easier for new members).

Who Should Use Kajabi?

There are really three groups who will benefit the most from Kajabi...

Kajabi Business Owners

Business Owners

Business owners can add additional streams of income to their company by selling digital products and memberships that help their customers get better results.

Kajabi also provides them a much simpler onboarding process for new team members who can go through pre-recorded training programs, worksheets, and assessments for their positions.

Kajabi Review

Educators and Content Creators

These are people who are already teaching and providing educational content to their audience.

The addition of Kajabi lets them then create premium or paid pieces of content that may have more detailed training steps and resources.

Kajabi Coaches

Coaches and Consultants

These are people who have a knowledge business generate income with their advice and personalized approach to helping individuals achieve results.

The use of a digital course or membership added to their existing coaching services will allow for faster scaling and more sales revenue generation.

The Following Are Just Some of
The Unique Advantages Kajabi Offers...

Advantage #1: Kajabi University

Kajabi University is Kajabi's further commitment to being a true all-in-one business platform WITHOUT trying to charge members for additional training and resources whenever possible.

This is a training portal that is free to all Kajabi members, and has professional training videos on a wide range of topics from basic getting started with Kajabi tips to advanced sales and marketing strategies to grow and scale an online business.

Some of the training content includes: how to build a Kajabi membership site (with Kajabi membership site examples); how to structure a Kajabi course (and Kajabi course examples); how to deliver your online course to standout from other online courses; and how to avoid the negative impact from badly optimized blog posts etc.

Advantage #2: Very User Friendly

One of the distinct advantages with even the basic features of the basic plan provided by Kajabi is how simple and step-by-step they make everything.

From the simplicity of the blogging platform to the use of product blueprints when building a funnel from scratch for product creation.

This single platform is so user friendly for many types of marketing funnels that an entire business can use the product blueprints provided for any product launch.

Advantage #3: Great Email Marketing

Having a true email marketing feature is a cornerstone for almost any all-in-one business platform, however very few platforms provide the level of quality, deliverability, and simplicity that Kajabi's email feature does without a bunch of hidden fees.

Of course the basic requirements like the ability to create an email list, email campaign, marketing emails, broadcast emails, email automation for an email sequence, and opt-in form capability exists...

But Kajabi takes their email marketing features up a level with their multiple beautifully designed email campaign templates, customizable email marketing tools and advanced automation for opt-in form and user activity.

Not just that though...

Kajabi also provides unlimited marketing emails and combined it their brand-new automated list hygiene feature.

This is a feature that does things such as Filtering Out High-Risk Contacts During Import, Identify and exclude inactive contacts from email sending, and Automated spam trap detection.

For example, Kajabi's Automated List Hygiene feature will unsubscribe members if their email has experienced at least two hard bounces within seven days.

This is huge as this an unheard-of fail-safe mechanism they created allows for any temporary issues with ESPs to be resolved and helps prevent valid email addresses from being unsubscribed.

Advantage #4: Mobile Application

Another standout feature of Kajabi is that it is one of the only platforms that offers a dedicated and true mobile app to access the various courses, memberships, and other products users sell with the platform.

The creation of a native mobile app speaks to their focus of being a user friendly platform which makes the students of their users even more excited and happy to have chosen a content creator who used Kajabi deliver their digital products.

Advantage #5: Customer Support

The commitment to ensuring even new Kajabi members have not only the training they need but the customer service support they need is second to none.

In fact they provide customer service in four easy to access options:

24/7 Support - Questions answers any time, day or night including live chat and phone

Virtual Meetups - Live sessions to connect and hear success strategies by thriving business owners

Blog - Learn more about Kajabi’s features and current success strategies

Help Center - Easy to navigate to find answers and get back to business quickly

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The following are just some Kajabi features
that their users absolutely love...

The Kajabi Product Creation and Delivery Options:

From digital products and online courses, paid podcasts and automatic podcast distribution, to premium coaching services with a variety of calendar scheduling options including the use of a Zoom link... Kajabi has their users covered all digital product categories.

Landing Page Flexibility and Features:

Kajabi comes with professionally designed custom themes and theme editors, countdown timers, and a code editor, which allows you maximum flexibility for creating sales pages and sites however you choose.

Customer Relationship Management:

Yes, it's true. Kajabi has a CRM Feature which not only allows you to identify unique characteristics to each person who goes through your products or registers for your free resources, but also generate progress reports of how well they are doing (and any points that many of your students may be getting stuck).

Premium Video Streaming:

All Kajabi plans come with unlimited Wistia video storage and streaming built-in to the platform (which means no hidden fees or limits like some other platforms rely on).

What's even more impressive the detail of the video analytics! The Kajabi platforms features video heat maps and progress reports (so you can see how much of your videos are being watched).

Kajabi also lets you upload your videos straight to Kajabi from your products, blogs, landing pages etc and immediately have them be functional without you having to login to YouTube, Vimeo etc, upload a video, grab the video URL, and then have come all the way back into the platform to embed it on a page or product.

That is a HUGE time saver when you have multiple videos, pages, or products to create!

And many, MANY More:

Kajabi has additional features such as the various blogging features, 24hour live chat, peer support group, assessments and quizzes, behavioural automations and more.

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Which Kajabi Alternatives
Are True Kajabi Competitors?

A common question about potential Kajabi competition is whether they can really be considered alternatives to Kajabi.

Some of the frequent questions ask about Kajabi vs Teachable vs Thinkific, especially with what is the difference between Teachable and Kajabi?

There's also what is the difference between Thinkific and Kajabi? and what is the difference between ClickFunnels and Kajabi?

Oh and of course there's Kajabi vs Wordpress membership sites...

To do these questions justice, I'll have to do a separate Kajabi review post just for them...

But for right now, you should know that Kajabi stands out from the competition because of it's premium video hosting features, enhanced email marketing editor, themes, and deliverability, zero transaction fees on all plans, as well just being a true all-in-one without relying on “integrations” to deliver the features needed by users.

Now for another key area of this Kajabi review...

What About Kajabi Pricing?

Many people who ask "how much is Kajabi", "how much is Kajabi per month", "how much is Kajabi per year", "how much does Kajabi cost" etc will look at Kajabi pricing plans and immediately ask "why is Kajabi so expensive"...

But when you look at everything includes, it really isn't! 

Especially when even the basic Kajabi plans include no transaction fee on transactions, and also include unlimited landing pages etc.

Not to mention with the Growth Plan and Kajabi Access you get 24/7 support (day or night) so that you are never alone or have to feel stressed because you can't figure something out with the platform...

A common response to my Kajabi review about the Kajabi pricing plans that I've seen many times is "3 products is not enough."

What's wild is how many $100,000+ online businesses (including several multi-million dollar ones) have been created on Kajabi using just 1-2 products!

Three products allows you to have a low-tier product to sell (e.g. under $100), a mid-tier product to sell (e.g. $100 - $500) and a higher priced product to sell (e.g. $500+) which is more than enough to get started with!

In fact, many of the people I see struggling to generate a steady income online will say they have 10+ products... yet they don't have a consistent sales and marketing plan for each one.

Don't overcomplicate things!

Start with getting just ONE product to consistently generate $5,000 - $10,000 a month and then repeat with the next product etc.

As you'll see once you finish this Kajabi review... unless you need the added features or increased contacts of the Growth and Pro plan, I think it's safe to say 95% of Kajabi users should start with the Basic plan and grow from there :-)

Kajabi Lifetime Deal or Kajabi Discount Code?

Unfortunately, at the time of this Kajabi review, there's currently no Kajabi lifetime price other than what's being offered right now with the current promotional pricing...

But if you're looking for a Kajabi discount using some sort of Kajabi discount code... I have something you might be interested in...

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It might be a Kajabi 45 day trial, Kajabi 30 day free trial, some premium training or more!

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Is Kajabi Perfect? No...

Here Are My Top 3 Concerns
With the Kajabi Platform:

Concern #1: Basic Community Functionality

The Kajabi community feature, despite having been released for a couple years now, is still relatively basic in terms of what it can do.

Sure you can have paid members posts and reply to comments, but compared to some of the other community group services... it's still very much basic. Usable... but basic.

Concern #2: Basic Affiliate Management Functionality

Kajabi is one of the few online marketing platforms that includes an affiliate management dashboard to help you recruit people to sell your products and services.

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful way to generate more revenue by directing affiliate tools to your sales funnels and marketing funnels.

Your can create affiliate links to track affiliate sales and enhance their user experience...

All great features to have BUT the management of affiliate commission payouts is still very basic and requires manual tracking by admin users instead of having more automated payout features like some other affiliate management platforms.

Concern #3: Limited Checkout Flexibility and Features

Kajabi has everything you need when it comes to adding payment processing to your checkout process.

This includes the ability to have one-time payments, pricing options like a payment plan, and more for your various content types .

However, even with the all-in-one platform making it easy to add payment processing to the checkout process for a sales pipeline with various payment integrations, the checkout pages are rather basic.

Customization can be done with additional coding and HTML skills, but for the non-tech users, their checkout pages will just not have the same exciting look as the other pages on their website.

Not to mention the inability to really sell physical products with Kajabi (though in fairness Kajabi was never really designed to sell physical products).

That being said, all of these concerns are fairly minor, and really aren't deal breakers as it relates to creating, marketing, and selling digital products and services with Kajabi...

In fact, I found the use of some FREE 3rd party solutions made for an amazing combination with Kajabi's product delivery features!

(I'll record another Kajabi review video and article about what I found in the near future, so check back soon!)

"So, Is Kajabi Worth It?"

Here we are... the "million dollar question" about this whole Kajabi review...  is Kajabi worth the money?

As someone who has been frustrated with various all-in-one platform companies in the past due to their lack of customer service, poor user experience with navigating around, and constant bugs and glitches...

I must say, Kajabi is a massive breath of fresh air!

Now, realize of course that Kajabi isn’t for everyone, but that's okay.

For example someone looking to do print-on-demand products (or other physical product e-commerce stores) may not find Kajabi has what they need (yet).

But for everyone else... Kajabi is everything you need, no plugins or integrations required!

You can create amazingly professional online courses with even the basic plan, and the Kajabi 24/7 customer support team ensure you never have to worry about a lack of customer service when it comes to building out your Kajabi Pipelines.

The best part?

Kajabi announced they received $2 BILLION in growth financing on May 4, 2021!

So you can bet there's a lot more cool features and incredible improvements coming to Kajabi users in the near future! :-)

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My Hidden Kajabi Review Bonus

If the features and potential of Kajabi sounds amazing to you, then you're really going to love the value-packed hidden bonus that I teased earlier!


I've bundled some of my premium training programs and resources that previously only my $1,000/mo business consulting clients had access to!

These are programs designed to help you generate exponential sales growth for your online business after you get started with Kajabi.

Three premium solutions inside of the bundle truly standout (with additional ones being added shortly):

The Kajabi Success Planning Session: 60 Minute 1-on-1 Strategy Call 

We'll hop on a call and identify how you can achieve your desired online business goals as quickly and easily as possible using Kajabi.   

I'll also share some tips and tricks for getting you up and running as quickly as possible without making the same costly mistakes many other users make.

Premium Bonus Program #1: The Secret to Finding Profitable Niches 

Many new (and even long-time) users of Kajabi struggle to see success online because they skip the most critical step: finding a profitable niche that's has people already excited to buy from them!

In this training course you will discover my proven strategy for not just finding profitable niches (BEFORE creating a product) but also how to do competitive research to make sure you hit the ground running quickly and easily.

Premium Bonus Program #2: The Profit System Masterclass

This is my flagship course designed to help small business owners quickly increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days.

In this program you'll discover my 5-part process for creating a profitable system to generate leads, convert those leads into customers, and generate additional repeat sales from those same excited customers!

This means that regardless of your existing sales and marketing knowledge, you will have a serious competitive advantage over anyone else in a niche you decide to enter.

If you would love to save $997 and get these advanced marketing courses (and more) as a FREE bonus, here's what you need to do next:

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In the meantime, enjoy the special Kajabi offer, and be remember to visit Kajabi University and the live Kajabi training sessions once you're logged in!

Thank you for checking out my Kajabi review :-)

Cheers to your success,

- Dexx

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